MatuDiag®: Digitalize your diagnostic

MatuDiag®: Digitalize your diagnostic

Make sense of your diagnostics in your area of expertise with Matudiag®

Matudiag® is a highly configurable generic solution that enables the use of maturity diagnostics or the appropriation of uses/processes to clients, prospects, employees, members, etc. in any field of expertise or business line.

Matudiag® is an off-road solution for:
- Independent or portage consultants and experts to consultancy firms;
- Publishers, integrators, service providers (ESN);
- IT directorates (DOSI, DSI, DI, DNUM)
- functional or cross-functional divisions (HR, HSQE, etc.), to internal auditors

Matudiag® can be applied to all areas: strategy, organisation, management, quality, purchasing, HR, CSR, GDPR, security, risk, finance, etc.

Matudiag® is an online SAAS solution with no installation, simple operation, quick handling and intuitive use.

Matudiag® is multilingual, the ability to define and administer a single Matudiag in several languages is important if your customers, prospects or collaborators are international !

** Matudiag® is not yet another questionnaire tool, it is much more powerful as it allows, Among other things, the respondent should have an on-line review of his or her own maturity on the subject under study and possible recommendations or action plans. And of course you have control over the entire setup.