BaroDSI®: Barometer of Information Systems

BaroDSI®: Barometer of Information Systems

The barometer of Information systems to listen to

your users feelings with a 360-degree view.

BaroDSI 360 view

BaroDSI® questions all users accessing the information systems of your company to evaluate:

  • its “overall quality”
  • the service quality for its users
  • SI’s response to current and future functionality expectations
  • expectations and needs for information and training in order to use the SI

BaroDSI®, it is an essential tool for all IT managers, CIO, even if there is not an Information Technology Infrastructure Library’s approach.

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With this solution, you will be also able to:

  • get a visual and “ready to use” report
  • benchmark your information systems with other CIO
  •  share your best practices with A2JV customers during organized meetings.


BaroDSI® has been thought by a CIO for CIOs.


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