Who we are

Who we are

A2JV is a SME based in Nantes (FRANCE), editor of innovative solutions to interact and to gather information and perception, in real-time or after by Internet.

Published by A2JV, Evals® is a fully customizable solution, which animate all kind of events (conference, seminars, general meeting, quiz, trophy…) by “live” interactions with your audience. An application designed to be easily used in mobility.

A2JV creates BaroDSI® a “ready to use” barometer to listen to your users feelings with a 360-degree view.

Then MatuDiag® was thought to give the opportunity to measure your customers’ maturity in your expertise area.

Furthermore, A2JV realizes all kind of online surveys and polls with a pragmatic approach, closed to the “field”.

The added value for its customers lies in providing a “turnkey” device and its ability to achieve high response rates. 

The analyzed data and their presentation are a great help to decide, to improve a practice, a service, an activity, a concept…

The perception of more worth as much, if not more, as the perception of some.” Sylvain REDONDIE, the CEO and founder of A2JV.