One-shot: polls, surveys and questionnaires

One-shot: polls, surveys and questionnaires

Custom made polls, surveys and questionnaires

You have a specific project and you need to collect information.

A2JV will assist you with the several stages from its creation, its implementation with its tested methodology to a visual and summary report which is generally enjoyed by your interviewee target, your team or your leaders.

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A2JV, it is for « every field » thanks to its ability and adptability to all kind of organizations and business:

  • SMEs, LSEs, public authorities, federations, associations …A2JV One shot
  • tertiary industry, trade, tourism industry…

and every context:

  • evaluating customer-supplier relationships
  • measuring the perceived quality of a service, a product
  • internal polls (employees, members, etc.)
  • testing an idea, a logo, a name
  • event registrations and its evaluation
  • opinion polls after a training, an exhibition
  • expression of needs
  • citizen listening
  • self-diagnosis
  • fun quizz

In all these projects, you do not need to buy nor rent a software, A2JV uses its own devices (computer hosting, tools…) to do your survey.

Finally, A2JV it is a pragmatic organization! We will not discuss days and days to start moving on your project…

So no more hesitation, contact us!